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A perfect synthesis of expert detailing and style for a complete total body workout. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience.

Inspiring Healthier Lives

Here at the Fitness Time Official, our team utilizes behavior change techniques to incentivize students to get active and stay healthy. The curriculum in Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies exposes students to the newest research regarding the effects of regular physical activity on brain health and total wellbeing.

Our Company

Our mission is to provide solutions that get the world moving and help people lead active and healthy lives.

We feel that it’s important to practice what we preach. The culture at Fitness Time Official revolves around what our products stand for. Gym bags are as common as coffee mugs at our global headquarters and at our nine other offices worldwide. Our product showrooms double as bustling employee gyms, and lively group workouts are an important part of the daily routine.

The best way to know everything we can about our fitness products is to use them every day. Helping people live healthier lives is what we do, and the devotion to that goal begins with our employees.

We believe fitness enthusiasts shouldn’t have to sacrifice to get a club-quality workout at home. Only Fitness Time Official provides the dynamic performance, expanded functionality and lasting durability you need to get the most out of every workout. It’s everything you love about the health club workout, plus sleek design that fits your home beautifully.

Fitness Time Official is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the industry, loved by club members, club owners, trainers and service people alike. Wherever you find Fitness Time Official, across the industry and around the world, you’ll discover an exercise experience that sets a new standard for what a workout can be.

Our Team

Fitness has changed drastically over the last few decades, and Fitness Time Official has evolved with it. Countless fads have come and gone, but Fitness Time Official has endured to encourage people to lead active lives.

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Bryan Joes


Angella Mike



“What does Nike do in their advertising? They honor great athletes, and they honor great athletics. That’s who they are, that’s what they are about.”